Getting Started with Bitcoin Faucets

If you’re new to crypto faucets this site is for you. We list bitcoin and other digital currency faucets that are verified for their value and reputation. Usually people start trying-out faucets out of curiosity, or as a hobby, but with some knowledge and consistency such hobby can offer a good income. Our goal is to share the knowledge and to enable you to earn digital currency in the way that suits your interests and your life-style.

Also, this is a community website. We invite you to join and contribute!

Getting Started

Cryptocurrency faucets are reward systems in a form of a website or an app that dispense free coins. Visitors can claim bitcoin satoshi or other types of coins in an exchange for completing a captcha or tasks described by the websites.

You “claim” from a faucet by visiting a site and pressing a button dispensing free bitcoin or other tokens.

Frequency of reward claim

You may prefer an hourly period, where you visit and refresh a faucet website on your device (computer, tablet or mobile), or daily, or even as frequently as every 5 minutes. Different sites offer different frequency of claim.

Direct vs. Indirect

There are some faucet sites that allow a direct transfer out (withdraw) of your earned digital currency. Let’s say you created a wallet on Then when claiming from a direct faucet, you can specify your’s withdrawal wallet. Or any other bitcoin address.

Example of a faucet sites allowing withdrawal to any address (i.e. direct) is

Many of the faucets sites, however, allow only a withdrawal to an account that you’d need to create with a broker site such as FaucetHub or CoinPot. (Note: As of Middle of December, 2019, FaucetHub is undergoing an owner change, and this may affect your settings.)

Think of these two sites as transaction brokers - a middleman between you and other faucet sites. The digital wallets you generate on these websites reduce or completely eliminate the transaction fees to transfer money from a faucet to yourself. They are your friends, although you may later want to withdraw your money from FaucetHub and CoinPot to a secure hardware wallet like Trezor.

Amount of reward and ease of use

Each faucet site rewards you differently. Most of the sites are able to sustain itself due to advertisement, but when the ads are excessive or try to confuse you, you end-up wasting too much time on the site, and finally never come back to it. We try to list only the “cleanest” sites, where you spend literarily 10-15 seconds per faucet claim. And these 10-15 seconds are rewarded anywhere from 10-50 satoshi, depending on the site.

We try to provide some information about the value of faucet sites on various discussion pages within this community.

Don’t gamble

While many sites profit from their ads, some are also making money by offering games and gambling services. While there’s a solid chance of winning when you gamble, similarly as in a casino, in the long term you’ll always loose. The house always stays profitable. And so we do not discuss gambling and generally do not recommend it.

The good games

There are games that do not involve betting and still reward you similarly to the faucet sites. Such faucet games are more exciting to claim from, they are usually pleasing on the eyes and you tend to level up or increase your game experience as you spend more time in the game, which in turn continuously increases your crypto rewards.

Example of a faucet sites with good games is Febbit.

Not just Bitcoin

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, the old saying goes. And even if you do prefer just one currency, you can later convert between digital currencies on many free exchange sites. There are many AltCoins that you can collect. Check out posts with #altcoins tag for more tips.

Our favorite Dogecoin faucet site is Free-Dogecoin.

Paid to Click (PTC) and Paid to Surf (PTS)

Additionally, there are sites that are not typically assumed to be faucet sites, however offer free rewards. You should be aware of these types of sites, since many of them can be much more profitable than a typical 60-minute interval faucet.

A good Paid to Click (PTC) or Paid to Surf (PTS) is usually much cleaner than a faucet site, since it aims to show you only the targeted ads (unlike a faucet portal which is often filled with many ads in a hope that you’d click or mis-click on some). On PTC/PTS portals you are typically rewarded anywhere from 5 to 100 satoshi per one click, and required to view an ad or a website that the marketer has prepared for you. You may be required not to switch the your screen for a period of time, anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, and in the end of the time period, you are asked again to press a button or solve a CAPTCHA to confirm that you have finished watching the ad.

An example of PTC site is adBTC.

In Summary…

Faucet sites come and go, some change their owners, format or frequency of payment as well as the payout amounts. This blog entry introduces the key concepts of the faucet websites. Within the pages and posts of this community you will see the actual faucet site links, tips and tricks as well as the feedback to these faucet sites.

Join us and make comments, so that together we make this community work for everyone who is reading these pages.