Best Cryptocurrency Faucets

If you’re new to crypto faucets this site is for you. We list bitcoin and other digital currency faucets that are verified for their value and reputation. Usually people start trying-out faucets out of curiosity, or as a hobby, but with some knowledge and consistency such hobby can offer a good income. Our goal is to share the knowledge and to enable you to earn digital currency in the way that suits your interests and your life-style.

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2019 in Summary

Year 2019 had a devastating effect on cryptocurrency faucets. Hundreds of faucets sites appeared on the Internet, as the year started with the bitcoin price in a range of 3,500 USD. Then, with a BTC price spiking to over 10,000 USD occasionally reaching up to 12 or 13 thousands of US dollars, most of the sites closed down or made their interfaces unusable (overloaded with clicks and ads).

An increase in crypto value that we saw in the mid of 2019 had put many of the faucet websites out of business, as they could not afford giving away the promised rewards. Many went offline without distributing the amounts in your wallets, thus simply stealing your earned money. These are the risks that you need to be aware of and accept when investing your time in faucet related services.

Crypto Faucets that still work in 2020

We recommend the following 11 faucets sites. They remain loyal to their members and continue to dispense free coins:

  1. adBTC - Paid 2 Surf site
  2. BtcFox - An hourly faucet with an interest
  3. BTCPop - Claim every 30 minutes, Altcoins mostly, staking
  4. Cointiply - An hourly faucet with an interest
  5. Crypto Farmer - Crypto faucet game
  6. Crypto Mining Game - Crypto faucet game
  7. Febbit - Crypto faucet game
  8. Fire Faucet - An autofaucet
  9. - An hourly faucet with an interest
  10. Free-Dogecoin - An hourly faucet with an interest
  11. RollerCoin - Crypto faucet game

Crypto Discussion

What is your experience with crypto faucets? Have you tried any of them? Do you have a favorite site?
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